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  • Dr. Patrick Coleman
    Dr. Patrick Coleman

    Patrick Coleman, DMD is one of the owners and Co-Founder of Live Healthy Carolinas. He is one of eleven children, husband, and father of five, and lives with his wife, Connie, as empty nesters in Davidson, NC. Patrick has been a healthcare provider for the last 33 years and is now pursuing his new passion and what drives his life today, promoting optimum long term health for all. He started his own personal path to better health over eight years ago and today is off all medications and lives a lifestyle that is plant-based and exercises almost everyday.

    His own personal story has led him to become trained and certified in Plant Based Nutrition as well as being a certified Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Facilitator. Pat continues to read all the new scientific data as it relates to Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle Medicine and regularly attends conferences and seminars relating to these areas including attending the annual meeting of The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, of which he is a member.

    His goal is help others with their health struggles, through education, as it relates to the prevention, arresting, and reversal of chronic diseases to attain optimum long term health that we all so desire. Helping people to “die young at an old age”. “

  • Dr. Leigh-Beth Lairamore
    Dr. Leigh-Beth Lairamore

    Leigh-Beth Lairamore - D.O
    Dr. Leigh-Beth Lairamore came back to her home state after finishing medical school and an OB/GYN residency at Oklahoma State University and University of Oklahoma.

    After spending time in clinical private practice and volunteering in an underserved clinic where resources are scarce, she saw the importance of preventative lifestyles to PREVENT and TREAT disease. Dr. Lairamore started the Community Wellness Project to build connections throughout the community, to educate families and individuals on nutrition and to exercise in a fun family friendly context. The goal is to grow healthy relationships within the community for support and accountability, including resources from Davidson College students, local churches, local charities, and neighbor volunteers. She has combined her efforts with Live Healthy Carolinas to reach a broader segment of these underserved populations.

    As a mother of three, Dr. Lairamore has worked to build a foundation of healthy lifestyles in schools by supporting exercise, movement, and core exercises to improve handwriting skills and sitting/behavior endurance. She is also working with Live Healthy Carolinas on starting a nutrition curriculum and garden program with taste testing of produce in the area schools.
    Dr. Lairamore knows in order to make life long changes for good health a multifaceted approach of supportive education, hope, and team work is essential.

  • Denise Andersen
    Denise Andersen

    Denise has recently returned to the United States with her husband, two daughters, and 2 grandchildren after 29 years working and raising a family Internationally in both Europe and Mexico. Denise worked overseas in an administrative capacity for Nike Inc and Collective Brands. She relocated to North Carolina after a long Corporate Career across multiple cultures and multiple disciplines of business to include, Sales, Marketing and Merchandising. Denise is now dedicated to promoting and consulting on the benefits of Co-Active Leadership and The Role of Energy and Health for Success in Work and Life. “Leading Well and Living Well”. Early in her career she realized that in order to keep up with a challenging schedule, staying healthy was a crucial prerequisite to success. Her passion is to help others do the same. Denise is trained in Plant Based Nutrition as well as being certified as a Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Facilitator. Denise is also a co-founder of Live Healthy Carolinas. Her new career involves providing educational programs on How to live a Healthy and Energized life. Focusing on a healthy, happy and active YOU through the examination of How you Eat, How you Move and How you Think.

  • Tom Kostohryz
    Tom Kostohryz

    Tom Kostohryz is the co-founder of Live Healthy Appalacha. LHA was started in 2010. Tom is one of the founding board members. Now a part time health and wellness consultant, Tom spent the first 30 years of his career as an employee benefits consultant, founding Southeastern Agency. Tom volunteers his time with LHA developing program sites in the Midwest region for CHIP and is excited about the gradual changes in attitudes toward healthy lifestyles. Tom holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ohio University and lives with his wife Barbara in Athens and Colorado. Tom has served continuously since 2011.

  • Nichole Magryta - Nutritionist
    Nichole Magryta - Nutritionist

    Nicole Magryta, MBA, RD, CHC, is an explorer of optimal human performance. As a clinically trained nutritionist with a focus on holistic health and lifestyle medicine, she is uniquely suited to understanding the multiple aspects of human health. Her career path has taken her to stops at the University of Virginia, the McColl School of Business, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Along this path, she learned that humans have unique systems that are intimately intertwined nutritionally. She knows that their is cross talk between the gut and the brain or the pancreas and the bones through food and its effects. She has spent her career using this foundational knowledge to heal children and adults from chronic lifestyle induced disease.

    After 14 years of mothering two spirited children combined with 20 years of nutri-tional science experience, Nicole is at the last stages of writing a comprehensive nutritional blueprint for healing and moving children to an optimal state of health. She has entitled this book, Nourish Your Tribe, available in 2018.

    These days you can find Nicole writing, speaking, or educating around the community either in her private practice, at schools, or in various corporate environments. Her entrepreneurial spirit also has her hard at work in her test kitchen, where in truth, is her happiest place.

  • Christopher Stephenson MD - Pure Cardiology

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