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Who We Are


It is not a coincidence that a group of like minded people end up in the same place sharing their passions and beliefs. Our motivation around how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and for our community brought us together to form Live Healthy Carolinas.  Great health revolves around 3 things: How you Eat, How you Move, and How you Think! On contemplating the organization of Live Healthy Carolinas our goal was to assemble a group of individuals who live and believe in the principles of what we want to accomplish. We believe we have done just that. On our team is a wide range of experienced people, motivated to carry forth our mission, and improve the long term health of all our neighbors in the communities we live. We have recruited specific personnel with talents unique to every program Live Healthy Carolinas represents. We believe it is the unique passion for health that is evident in these persons and that it is the soul and lifeline of our organization. We live what we teach everyday in our own lives which allows the true passion in our hearts to be seen by those we look to educate. Our aim is that the Live Healthy Carolinas team will be a catalyst for wellness. In addition we are looking to attract others that are aligned with our beliefs, to help provide new ideas, while keeping us aligned, and motivated in carry out our core principles.

We approach healthy living from a integrative perspective with a unique focus on educating people on lifestyle changes that prevent disease. More Americans than ever are without health care coverage, and the majority of health care costs today are related to treating preventable diseases. Employers continue to see dramatic increases in providing health care for their employees. Nutritional, physical, and stress-related challenges keep people from performing at their optimal level in the work place. While there are plenty of “quick fix” fad diets and exercise programs supplying various pieces of the healthy lifestyle puzzle, these piecemeal approaches do not provide the key to the optimal long term success. Live Healthy Carolinas is committed to educating motivated individuals how to alter their entire lifestyle in a holistic manner to reverse and prevent disease. Our programs and educational opportunities provide the tools everyone needs to change nutritional habits, activity levels, and mind-body practices. This is not about a diet, it is about a lifestyle.   


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