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Health and Wellness

  • Health guidelines advise all of us to spend at least two-and-a-half hours per week in moderate-intensity activity.

  • Non-HDL Cholesterol Explained

  • The American Heart Association and The American College of Cardiology just Issued new guidelines for Hypertension. High Blood Pressure will now be defined as a reading of 130/80 and above. What is exciting about this is that for the first time their treatment recommendation is diet alteration first, and switching to more of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.

  • 57% of Children will be Obese by age 35 and only one in five has a chance of being a normal weight adult

  • In his work, Ripple studied the impact of ruminants, especially cattle, on greenhouse gases. Ruminants are animals that ferment their plant-based food in a special stomach during digestion. During this process, ruminants emit methane, a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Ripple reached the following disturbing realization: “In our research, we found that even with dramatic reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, we can’t meet our climate goals. We need to quickly and drastically reduce other greenhouse gases, especially methane.”

  • Getting started on changing your dietary habits sometimes is the biggest struggle. Watch this video then contact us to get involved in our Healthy Living Programs.

  • 5 supplements to consider that may be lacking in a Whole Food Plant Based Diet, vegetarian diet, as well as anyone consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD).

  • Walking is the simplest form of exercise and offers many health benefits including helping you to live longer.

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